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Matthew Chan is the publisher and author of several business books, business audio programs. They include “The TurnKey Investor” Series, and “The Intrepid Way.”

Additionally, Matthew is a seasoned real estate investor (20+ years) who oversaw the management of his and his investment partners real estate investment properties. Matthew is currently a Qualifying Broker of Intrepid Factor and School Director of Intrepid Real Estate Education. He is also the Host of “Real Estate COMMAND” YouTube Channel.

Although he continues to meet and engage citizens of the online world, Matthew is very much grounded in “real-world” of business. In his eclectic career spanning 25 years from the corporate world to real estate investor to Internet entrepreneur/business consulting to online advocacy for the “little guy”, Matthew developed expertise and proficiency in several areas including real estate, mortgages, financing, accounting, and niche legal subject matters.

Because of his extensive I.T. skills, Matthew integrates and incorporates those skills into every business venture he works and consults on.

Matthew’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from University of Central Florida, and a Masters of Business Administration from Webster University.