Internet Websites Crackdown in China

In the MSNBC article, “China orders all blogs to register”, the Chinese government has gone insane.

They have become so upset that they want to have all websites and blogs registered?

Obviously, this has me incensed because I love the Internet and the lifestyle it has provided me in information, entertainment, business contacts, opportunity, and financial profit. The Internet has become the great equalizer and gives the single individual the power to take on large companies and even hold them accountable.

The more China decides to squash its citizens and its individuality, the greater the revolt when it does happen.

And the Chinese government is going to close Internet cafes so people can’t get to the Internet? You have got to be kidding me.

I think we are quite fortunate to be in the U.S. Unfortunately, many citizens don’t get the value of what they have. There are people who are proud to shun the Internet and glorify being ignorant. But that basically tells me something about them. They want to preserve the past.

Read the MSNBC article and appreciate where we are in the U.S.

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