Upcoming Creativity & Brainstorm Retreat

Following my trip down to Florida during the 4th of July holiday weekend, I came to realize the necessity of having a Creativity & Brainstorm Retreat.

Although I pride myself in MOSTLY not letting the day-to-day activities distract me from my larger goals and vision, inevitably, I am affected because I still maintain a pulse of what is going on.

My office manager, Richelle, and my business partner, Wes, do a great job on taking on their respective responsibilities making my job as the “visionary” and “strategic planner” much easier.

During my trip to Florida, I was reminded of the mortality we all face. I admit to a renewed sense of urgency and purpose to execute and make into reality my vision and goals. Being away from my office in Columbus, I got insights and mustered courage to make some hard and perhaps, risky, choices.

Nevertheless, I have experienced enough successes (and setbacks) to realize that great things in life often require great change and risk. Does that mean I have to be reckless? Certainly not. But it does mean, I have to reach out and do things I have not done before, go to places I have not been before, and think of thoughts I have not before.

I have known since 2004 that 2005 would be a year of great transition and perhaps even one of change. 50% of 2005 has passed and it is no less true. IN fact, if anything, changes will continue until 2006.

It is an exciting time and despite some internal nervousness, I am excited at what the future brings. In 2 weeks, we will be taking our Creativity & Brainstorm Retreat where we will leave the state, sit, relax, think, read, listen to audio programs, doodle, and play on the Internet.

We will open ourselves to the wild possibilities and ideas that may come to us. We will be open to serendipity. And We will reinvent ourselves passionately.

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