“TurnKey Investing with Lease-Options” to be in major motion picture!

This is very exciting and unexpected news. I did not post it right away to let the idea sink in a bit.

In late July, Warner Brothers Pictures contacted me to have my book, “TurnKey Investing with Lease-Options” as a set prop in “Lady in the Water” directed by M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Signs, Unbreakable). The movie is slated for release in Summer 2006.

The book is being used as one of the reference books the main character uses to learn how to manage property! When I first received the FAX, I thought it might be a prank. Then I followed up and had a conversation with the Warner Brother Pictures representative.

It turns out they needed a few books as set props for the main character who is a superintendent (property manager) in the movie. The selected books are supposed to be reference books on various methods of Property Management.

When asked why my book was one of the selected ones, I was informed that they wanted Property Management books that seemed suitable for the main character to own and have. Further, there was an “intangible” element of my book cover which also caught their eye.

“TurnKey Investing with Lease-Options” is certainly an unconventional book. Nevertheless, I am quite honored and proud that the researchers at Warner Brothers Pictures recognized the fact that my book is not just another real estate book. It is a business book that explains how we both manage and market our properties to produce monthly cash flow.

I do not want to overstate this event. There is a possibility that my book may still be rejected from the scene. Or if it makes it into the scene, we may not be able to easily see it. Or that the scene could be cut entirely. Nevertheless, I am happy to enjoy this little bit of news and actually flattered they asked me. Of course, I agreed to this potential of free publicity.

You can believe I will be watching this movie to find out if my book made the final cut! It goes to show, you never know what will come your way when you put your work into the world.

View the Permission Release here!

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