Hurricane Parties and the Aftermath

I almost hate to bring this up because it might be taken the wrong way but I am going to say it to make a point.

In my book, The Intrepid Way, I wrote about people who would have “hurricane parties”. I talked about how blind, naive, and stupid people can be when it comes to making decisions.

Hurricane parties happen because no heed is being paid by people when warnings by credible people are given. Each and every year, hurricanes hit causing all kinds of devastation. This is shown every year through TV, newspapers, and the Internet.

Yet, people are still blind and disbelieving because they think a hurricane is only a “bad storm”. The people who ignored the warnings are paying the price. And what a price it is.

Granted, many were too poor or uneducated to know any better. I truly feel sorry for those folks. But I suspect, there were many who did have the time and means to leave but chose not to. And what about the people who are stealing TVs, tennis shoes, and other luxury items. What is up with that? What about the punks who are running around in gangs raping women and shooting people? What is that all about?

All I can say about that is that I agree with the governor of Louisiana, there should not be a whole lot of hesitation to “shoot to kill” for people like that.

New Orleans has been long known as a city that sits BELOW sea level. Exactly what were these people thinking when a hurricane came? That the water would flow UPWARDS to the ocean? That is the kind of stupidity that has happened.

So many people decided to have a “hurricane party” despite the warnings.

And what about the lessons learned? Will anyone remember the long-term lessons? Or will it be a short-term lesson because of all the media coverage and all the immediate pain?

And people who were lucky enough to NOT be impacted by the hurricane. What of those people? Are they learning anything from this?

In my next post, I will discuss the lessons I have learned from the hurricane disaster and what I plan on doing about it. Let me give you a hint, I am not a person that has to go through something personally to learn the lessons.

What I have seen the last couple of days has, quite honestly, been frightening to me. Does this mean I will live in a state of paranoia, pessimism, and cynicism? No, but it also does not mean that I don’t think something catastrophic couldn’t happen to me. I am certainly not Superman but I am also not powerless to sit around and have things “happen” to me.

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