Red Cross Donations for Hurricane Relief

I am not going to make a big speech here about the need for donations. There is nothing I can say that the TV media hasn’t already said. Unless people have been hiding in a cave, I can’t imagine anyone in the U.S. not knowing about the hurricane disaster.

What I am going to say is that I think it is a good idea for everyone to at least make a small donation to the Red Cross or some other reputable charitable organization to help in the hurricane relief. You should do this for a few reasons.

#1. It is a good and charitable thing to do.
#2. You might sleep a little better at night.
#3. What goes around, comes around.

I have heard people say, if I had money, I would donate money. Well, I won’t buy that notion. If you got money to buy gas for your car, buy a fast-food lunch, or buy dinner, you got money to donate.

No one says you have to give your livelihood. I found out that on, the minimum amount to donate is $5.00. Only $5.00 dollars! Give up a lunch or dinner or movie. It isn’t hard to get $5.00.

And if you won’t do it, it is your right. But don’t complain or pretend you care. Talk is cheap. There is enough people TALKING about how much they care. The problem is they don’t DO anything.

I have chosen to take a more direct attitude about this. If you won’t donate for the victims, donate for yourself. You will feel much better for it that you helped in some small way. And even if you read this message a year from now, you can still donate, it will help because one year from now there will still be big problems.

If you are pissed by what I am saying because you are one of the people who is going to justify why you can’t and won’t donate because you don’t have the money, then tough. As I said, talk is cheap. DO something.

I am pissed about the hurricane disaster. But I am also pissed enough to DO something about, say something about it, and put a small amount of my money to help the cause. It is only a drop of what is needed but I have chosen to give that drop anyhow.

It was so easy to donate a small amount of money to, I almost feel it was too easy.

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