Television Shows with Intelligence

Many people think that I am mostly focused on business and professional endeavors in my life.  While I admit that is a very important of my life, the truth is I can be like most people and be self-indulgent whether it is my eating, sleeping, gaming, reading, playing or entertainment habits.

One of those “bad habits” that I try to keep under control is how much time I watch television.  And when I do watch TV, I try to make sure what I watch is actually worth the time I am using to do so, not because I want to shut my brain down or simply pass time.

To “justify” my TV time, I try to find shows that have some “intelligence” to them.

The top 2 shows that have grabbed me this season are:  “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” and “Battlestar Galactica”.

I started enjoy “West Wing” very near the end of its run.  Being fascinated with the intelligence of the show, I went back and viewed the DVDs from the beginning going forward Seasons 1 through 6.  I must admit, i enjoyed the show.

Most importantly, I realized how good the writing/directing team of Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme when they were on “West Wing”.  So when “Studio 60” premiered, I felt I had no choice but to give it a chance despite the fact that I had little interest watching a show which focuses on behind-the-scenes stories of a SNL-like show.

I must say that it has been a pleasant surprise and it has been quite engaging to watch.  So “Studio 60” gets some high marks from me for originality and intelligence.  For those of you who missed the episodes, has episodes which can be watched online.

Of course, I have been watching “Battlestar Galactica” on the Sci-Fi Channel since its re-imagination in 2003.  And the shows have increasingly become more intense and graphic.  More importantly, the stories reflect a very modern sensibility of today’s chaotic and changing world.

In this weblog, I don’t typically write about non-business subjects.  But perhaps, I will do so more frequently as the mood strikes me.

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