My Comments on Casey Serin of

Every since I found about Casey Serin of, I have been stunned by his comments and writings.  Quite frankly, I am amazed at the level of self-destructiveness and self-sabotage this boy has.  When I  say “boy”, I mean it.  He may be 24-years old, but he acts like a kid.

Clearly, he is intelligent but he lacks maturity and a sense of groundedness from which to make decisions.  He clearly has an entrepreneurial spirit but it he seems unable to healthily channel it into productive ways.  He has basically plunged from one situation to another basically leaving roadkill along the way.

The people I really feel for the most were the women in Phoenix who tried to find an angle to give him a hand.  They opened up Casey’s world and he got to brag/write about meeting Robert Kiyosaki but they ended just wasting time.  Personally, I think it will be a number of years before Casey gains the maturity he needs to re-invent himself.

I read his writings and he is simply scattered.  He has made about every mistake there could be despite the fact that he was taught otherwise.  However, he had the stones to launch a blog to publicize his mistakes which has gotten him nationwide publicity.  For that, he is brilliant.

Casey says he wants to be a real estate investor.  And yet, he has no idea what true investing is.  What he considers investing is really flipping or wholesaling houses.  There are no capital gains, only ordinary income.  As such, the IRS would treat what he wants to do as a business or a “dealer”.

I must admit, I find his blog entertaining.  I think he is better suited for becoming an entrepreneur, not an investor.  The daring, wild, risk-taking he likes to engage in lends itself well to entrepreneurial pursuits.  However, he needs someone to act as his compass to healthily guide his energy, enthusiasm, and impulses.

From what I can tell, Casey seems to be good at getting sympathy, attention, and people to like him.  He knows what to say and play to.  He seems to play the “nice guy” “aw shucks I am sorrry I didn’t mean it” routine alot.  It plays with many people.  But people who don’t have time to waste, don’t fall for it.

People are willing to be forgiving and give 2nd chances but he appears to be burning through opportunities like a flame in a pile of dried leaves.

What started as a foreclosure problem for Casey to write about has become more of a story about him.  Now, like a good soap opera, people want to see what he does next regardless of the outcome of the foreclosures.  He plays like an interesting movie and TV character.

Hmm…. Casey, maybe that is your next gig.  Stop pretending to be an investor and go entertain people.  I believe there may be a movie or book deal around the corner for you that will get you out very quickly.  But, do you know how to negotiate that deal?  Or will you self-destruct?

You got yourself an incredible audience.  What does one do to follow-up an incredibly entertaining blog like

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