The Guilty Pleasure of Watching Casey Serin of

I got off the phone with my friend Josh and we were talking about a situation regarding a mutual contractor we use.  Our conversation wandered off to Casey Serin of

I have to admit that although I write a blog, I don’t read many of them.  But I can honestly say watching and reading about Casey is like my days of working for International Speedway Corporation at Daytona International Speedway.  During race time, I had to be on-site and on-call.  So, I often wandered to the race track to see the NASCAR race live.

I never wish any harm to any of the drivers but you just can’t help watching with fascination when a NASCAR stock car spins out of control.  The drama that unfolds is real and captivating.

I found that to be true of watching Casey Serin.  The thing that strikes me about him is his naivete.  He acts like a kid trying to figure out how the world works.  He muddles from thought to thought, idea to idea with little to ground him.  With him, almost anything goes as long he can justify it somehow.

Every other day or so, I am thinking, What new thing is this guy going to think up next?  I have to say, he doesn’t disappoint.  He comes up with fresh angles to entertain his audience albeit unintentionally.  His ideas are so outlandish, it makes people’s eyes roll to the back of their heads.

From a selfish point of view, it makes for great entertainment.  But if I were Casey, I would have to say, “what the hell has happened?”

From what I can see, the most obvious way out of his predicament is to use his notoriety and secure some book, TV, or movie deal.  His story is ripe to be on Reality TV.  But he is so scattered, I wonder if he can pull it together to make a bad situation into a good one?

He does ok giving out free TV, radio, and newspaper interviews.  But what then?  How can he convert all this to something meaningful besides be a brunt of jokes?  If he is going to be embarrassed nationally and put up with so much criticism, he may as well find some way to profit and dig himself out.

Casey Serin may want to teach people how to avoid mistakes.  But I think he is much better being someone’s guilty pleasure.  People will often pay more for good entertainment, than a good education.  It is sad but true.

Casey, if you are reading this.  Do yourself a favor and try to focus and get grounded.  Stop trying to be a superhero.  You will survive this and this is not the end of the world.  But only can decide how this whole thing will end up.


  1. Thanks for your tips… And I like your post. You’re right I need to focus. That has been the hardest part of all of this. Because of the exposure I get a lot of interesting opportunities and contacts. It all sounds good but it’s not always the best. I need to be smart about choosing opportunities because I’m known for being too impulsive.

    Going for a book deal may be a good plan for me, however it takes time and effort. Its not automatic. I’ve had book agents contact me and they told me what I need to do next. Since I’m in the middle of the fire I don’t have a lot of time to be writing a book about this fire. Blogging already takes a lot of time. Maybe I can find a ghost writer.

    If I do write a book, I’m not sure what I would right about… all I have right now is a screw up story. So I can write more of whats already on the blog.

    Maybe the book that will really sell is the come-back story. But I first need to make the comeback.

  2. Wow, Mr Serin has posted!

    I would take Matthew Chan’s advice for two reasons:
    1. He’s published a lot of books
    2. Hes a damn good real estate investor (owns a portfolio of houses)

    I wonder what advice Mr Chan will give…

    Oh and I second the ‘you will survive’ advice, because you will – Screw the banks.
    (And to those who have said you will go to jail, I would be very much surprised if anything like that happened, here in Australia banks go out of there way to avoid taking people to court).