My Thoughts on the Microsoft Windows Vista release

windows_vista_logo.jpgThe brand-new operating system, Windows Vista, by Microsoft has been released to bulk business customers.  ON January 30, 2007, the rest of us regular consumers will be able to buy and install it.

I have to admit, I love new toys.  In this case, new software.  I know the naysayers will say it isn’t that significant and functionally, it won’t be much better.  But that has been said since the days of Windows 95.  Frankly, I am tired of the same rhetoric.  It almost inevitably turns out that people are compelled to upgrade if for no other reason old computers have to be put out of their misery and new computers are brought in which have the new operating system.

The software industry often writes new software to accomodate and take advantage of the features of any new operating system.  So unless someone is planning to never upgrade their applications ever again, you are “forced” to upgrade.

There are those who are always cynical and basically have to be brought kicking and screaming.  My thinking is, I understand the hassle of having to upgrade.  However, if something is somewhat “inevitable”, why not just learn to embrace it?

Many people have a love/hate relationship with Windows.  That includes me.  It is aggravating when software and hardware don’t always cooperate.  In fact, that is the largest arguing point for Macintosh computers.  I have nothing against Macs.  Beautiful computers, beautiful operating system.  But, only 5% of the computers run it.  Guess where most the software industry is going to spend their resources and development on?  Windows, of course.  Guess what computers most businesses will be using?  Windows.

In any case, I am not trying to provoke an argument.  However, I am ready to embrace Windows Vista when it comes out.  By the time, the cynics embrace it kicking and screaming how it is so unnecessary to upgrade, others who upgraded will be quite comfortable, become experts, and have moved on to other things.

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