Countdown to Microsoft Windows Vista

windows_vista_logo.jpgFirst off, a disclaimer.  I have no financial incentive whatsoever in making the following statements.  I have no Microsoft stock and I am no longer involved with them in any way except for being a customer.

Having said that, I am excited about the upcoming release of Microsoft Windows Vista.  Although, I don’t have a good idea which version I will be choosing.  It looks like it is a toss up between the “Business Version” or the “Ultimate Version”.

I have no false illusions Windows Vista will be perfect when I do upgrade and install it.  However, I am looking forward to many of the new features.  Some of it will be the “cool factor”.  But I am also guessing there will be some features which will be very helpful and make my computing life easier.

Clearly, I am not a Microsoft or Windows hater.  But there are plenty of those people out there.  I find a lot of those folks a bit irrational and nonsensical in there reasoning for “hating”.  First, it is a waste of emotional energy.  Second, operating systems and software is not a religious war.  They are simply business and personal computing tools.  This is one reason I got out of the I.T. industry.  Many are far too distorted in their thinking to get a healthy perspective of it because many are purists and don’t always take a pragmatic view of life.  To those people, I say, don’t buy it.  If you want to gripe and write negative reviews, fine.  But I tend to look foward to new and exciting things.

I am a practical guy.  If a different operating system came into prominence and really became significant such as a desktop Linux operating system or even the Mac OS, I would simply change out of a sense of practicality, not because of this irrational hate of a successful company.

Windows Vista comes out in a few short days.  And while I do not plan on being among the first in line at midnight to buy and install it within my personal and office computers, you better believe I am prepared to start using it and using myself as a guinea pig.  If it does all the good things, Microsoft says, I will be upgrading the computers that can run it.  The rest, I will leave on Windows XP.

There are few rewards to being first to embrace a new operating system.  But I can promise you that being among the last on a learning curve will not score you any points in a world that rapidly changes.

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