Hard lessons with Microsoft Windows Vista

windows_vista_logo.jpgAnother reason I have not posted in a month is that I lost a couple of weekends jumping through technical hurdles trying to accommodate Windows Vista.

It turns out that my PC notebook (even with upgraded memory) was just too slow to run Windows Vista.  It was simply a dog.  It made me appreciate Windows XP Professional a whole lot more.

The upgrade process of my main PC worked but it left a pile of unwanted programs and files from Windows XP that was uninstallable from within Windows Vista.  Ick.  So, I thought I would do a new install of the 64-bit version of Windows Vista.  Boy, it was finicky.  It turns out that program and driver compatibility is a huge problem by going to the high-end 64-bit version of Windows Vista.

So I was once again forced to reinstall Windows Vista with the 32-bit version which was far more friendlier than the 64-bit version.  Along the way Norton Internet Security 2007 annoyed me.  In years past, it was such a light but helpful program.  However, it has gotten larger and much more intrusive.  I don’t care for it.  But because of Windows Vista, I was forced into it.

Things have stabilized on the Windows Vista front.  I am glad I upgraded but wished it had not been so painful and time-consuming.  But I have to say I did learn a lot going through the process.

My Windows Small Business Server 2003 crashed due to hard drive problems over a week ago.  But it did compel me to giving it a hardware upgrade.  I installed the server software on a more powerful machine.  Jeez, that took an entire day.  I almost decided to abandon having a server because of that ordeal.  No wonder I left the I.T. industry.  But it was nice I still have the know-how to deal with such problems.

I have left the I.T. industry but still heavily invested in using it within our own office.  Gotta love technology but sometimes it can be a real pain.

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