Cobra Collection Agency has moved

The last post on Cobra Collection Agency, I wrote to make clear that I no longer have any association with Cobra Collection Agency through a Cease & Desist Order back in December 2006.  While that has cleared my name, I have since discovered more clients are being taken advantage of.  The few people I know who were clients with Janice Ledden and Cobra Collection Agency are not getting paid, nor are they getting reports.  In fact, Janice Ledden is practically unreachable according to people working with me trying to contact her.  If any collection money is being received by Cobra Collections Agency, those monies don’t seem to be disbursed to any client.  I suspect there are many, many, unhappy clients in Columbus, GA.

A few days ago, I was informed by 2 people that Cobra Collection Agency (Janice Ledden, Owner) has moved.  Apparently, Janice/Cobra wrote a few bad checks to their previous landlord of their office suites and got 3 months behind.  The ex-landlord is obviously not happy.  Being stiffed is bad enough but to deal with bad checks is even worse.  It is actually prosecutable and a felony if the amount is over $500.00.  I was informed that the landlord spent a ton of money to remodel the suites.  Many months ago, Janice led me to believe that she made all the modifications.  Of course, I read into that.  It turns out that she managed to convince the landlord to do it for them.  Amazing.

Cobra Collection Agency has moved to:  3500 University Ave #9, Columbus, GA

The previous address had been:  3228 University Ave, Suite 109, Columbus, GA

This office is only a block or so away.  No telling how long they will be there.  A friend had stopped by their office and told me what he saw.  Their old phone number (706-568-8800) and fax number has been disconnected with no forwarding number.  They are 3 reasons I can think of for this.

  • Cobra voluntarily disconnected the phone and chose not to leave a forwarding number.
  • The phone company disconnected them for non-payment.
  • They are in transition.  However, I have moved 3 times in Columbus and have managed to keep the same number and no drop in service.

I am using Meacham, Earley, & Fowler (the law firm we use for business-related services) as my exclusive collection firm now.  They do an excellent job and have been following the Cobra case closely.  Any client who has been stiffed by Cobra Collection Agency and Janice Ledden should contact the Law Offices of Meacham, Earley, & Fowler!  They are getting to know this account very well.  In addition to a full-time collections clerk, they have a full-time Collections Attorney.  Apparently, word is getting out that they do a good job on following up and collecting debt, they had to expand.

I dislike using my blog to disseminate such information.  However, I have no other means of contacting any Cobra Collection Agency clients except through the web.

Update:  For the latest information, visit The Cobra Collections Agency Scam website.


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