Outrageous $67 million Lawsuit Against Dry Cleaners Over Pair of Pants

Roy PearsonIf there was ever a better reason for my blog’s existence, then this message would be that one.  To help point out the injustices of this world and to do my part in exposing this injustice and rally others to the cause.

I roll my eyes and get irritable over many things in life but I don’t post about it.  But I have to tell you, I am OUTRAGED over a $67 million lawsuit filed against a small dry cleaning company over a lost pair of pants.  To top this off, it is by a so-called judge! 

Read the CNN article, MSNBC article, and Yahoo News!

Normally, I am very respectful of members of the legal system especially judges.  However, I am going to publicly make it known how despicable Roy Pearson is for filing such an outrageous $67 million lawsuit over a pair of pants.  He is being greedy, abusive, and malicious.

This so-called judge should be disbarred and should be “punished” for such a malicious lawsuit.  It is an embarassment to the entire U.S. legal system to have him as a judge.  The sad thing is that this has already been damaging to to the owners of the dry cleaners and now after 10 years, they are considering leaving the country and go back home to Korea.  I am absolutely certain that most of their customers appreciate their business and the service they provide otherwise they could not have been in business for so long.

Any judge who hears this case needs to throw it out.  The dry cleaners actually offered $3,000, $4,600, and $12,000 to settle the case and still this was not enough!!  Roy Pearson is just being mean and malicious.

I normally would not wish anyone ill will and certainly not in a public way.  But I do believe in karma.  Roy Pearson, through his actions, deserves to receive lots of negative karma.  In other words, I have no problems saying that he deserves bad things to happen to him.  What goes around, comes around.

If Roy Pearson is trying to make a name for himself, he has succeeded.  He is an absolute loser that deserves no respect, and a pathetic excuse of a human being.  If this lawsuit doesn’t rally others about the problem of abusive and frivolous lawsuits, nothing will.

ATRA, American Tort Reform Association is actively trying to fight this.  I commend them for their efforts.  I recommend you visit their website to learn more about their cause.  They make some excellent points about this case.

Sherman Joyce, President of ATRA, made a commentary on this case.  She also wrote an editorial on the Washington Post website.

Marc Fisher of the Washington Post writes a nice column on this case.  When you read it, you will boil over Roy Pearson.

I urge you to do your part and show your outrage over this.  The media is doing their part by giving attention to this story and showing everyone how outrageous this is.

There is a website that will be set up to help fight this ridiculous case. 


Let us hope the owners of the dry cleaners get some sympathy and help along the way.

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