New Audio Interview Completed with Wes Weaver

Matthew Wes Tony SessionLast week, my real estate investing partner, Wes Weaver, and I completed an audio interview moderated and interviewed by my friend, Tony.  This interview was recorded for an upcoming educational audio program.  The subject was collaboration, alliances, joint ventures, and working partnerships.  However, most of the program centered on how Wes and I use a tag-team approach to our property investment and management activities.

Many people know about us and how we work today.  However, in the formative years, things were very different.  Our relationship was very different but it evolved over the years.

I am excited for a few reasons.  One, there are few audio programs which go into the inner workings of a successful “partnership” and what makes it work.  Two, we get to share some of our past stories that very few people know about and how the partnership began.  Three, it is officially our 2nd Audio Program we have jointly done.  The previous one (also our 1st one) was “The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Making Money from ‘No Equity’ Properties & Expired Listings” available on Amazon and

The title has not yet been worked out but will be released later this year as a new audio title in The TurnKey Investor series.

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