Cobra Collection Agency Information Page is Launched!

What started out as a complaint placed on the Internet has now grown to a collection of information and business horror stories over dealings with Janice Ledden and Cobra Collection Agency (aka Cobra Collections Inc.).

I have begun receiving information from many different disgruntled and dissatisfied parties.  It was getting too much to keep posting the new Cobra information on my blog.  I don’t want my blog to become unnecessarily polluted with such entries.

Having said that, the information I have assembled is badly needed and had to be listed somewhere.  And so, in simplistic format and name, I have created “The Cobra Collection Agency Information Page”.  That way, I do not have to spend much time while serving a greater good.  The 24-hour nature of the Internet and the Google search engine will ensure this page ranks high to anyone who searches “Cobra Collections” or “Cobra Collection Agency”.

I hope that some ex-employees will step up and share this story.  Until that happens, we have a bunch of pissed ex-clients standing up to do something about it.

The direct URL to this page is:

I tried so hard to tell Janice Ledden to come clean last year but she wouldn’t.  So now, her ex-clients are coming out more and more to tell their story.  What goes around, comes around.

Update:  For the latest information, visit The Cobra Collections Agency Scam website.

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  1. Since you already know my story, I appreciate you doing this. I will speak to the owner of my company and see if he is willing to divulge our identity. It is not a call that I can make, sine I am a VERY new employee to the company. Matthew, I am sure that your website has helped both myself and Barbara. At least all of us can sleep at night, I know Ms Janice can not possibly be so lucky.