Casey Serin of is shut down…. for now.

Today, a short message was left for visitors such as myself on a blog I frequently visit.

================= is over. It will never return.

Advertisers: Feel free to cancel your PayPal subscription. I will be issuing pro-rated refunds this week.

Everybody: I’m very sorry to end like this.

Thanks to all the supporterz, haterz and everyone who wrote about me. You guys made the last 9 crazy months of blogging possible.

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Casey Serin
May 31, 2007


This very short but direct message appears to be Casey Serin’s farewell message on the chapter of his life known as IAFF or  It was a very popular blog and website but not really for the reason most people would want to be popular.

Casey Serin, the misguided soul he is, put on a show for all of us.  As I had said before in an earlier post months ago, it is a site that is hard to resist.  It had so much entertainment value and was a guilty pleasure.  The posts he wrote often made my eyes roll into the back of my head.  So many times, I wanted to make some comment but I resisted.

The reason was that any comment I could have made would not have been that meaningful but simply a vain exercise for me to vent.  His “aw shucks” “gee, I feel bad” “gosh, I am trying, give me a break” “I agree but…” attitude was really sad to watch.

What Casey never understood is that results and accountability matters in life, not endless apologies or declarations of good intentions.  He frequently shut down mentally (by sleeping & avoidance of problems) because he was not mature or knowledgeable enough to handle the situation he was in.  He frequently self-sabotaged because he was in over his head.  It was apparent to everyone except himself.  I never bothered to chime in because everyone else did.

I don’t have an axe to grind with him.  But I do pity him a bit.  His 20-something attitude that he displayed is quite common.  And only life’s hard lessons will teach him, not anyone’s words of wisdom.  He represented many of the things you should not do.

He was so lackadaisical, he often let the small minority of haters influence him.  Most people were like myself who quietly and regularly visited out of ongoing curiousity and entertainment value.  Casey so badly loved and wanted the attention even if it was negative and mocking.  The problem with that is what he was known for did not have substance.  It is like enjoying cotton candy.  Big, pretty, colorful, and sweet but ultimately empty and of little value.

The thing Casey has going for him is that he is still young and can still recover from all of this.  Unfortunately, his motivations are not coming from within himself.  He is being motivated by his wife who is “making him” stick to his word with threats.  If Casey needed to be motivated by his wife’s threats vs. his own wisdom or maturity, that is a big problem.

I confess I learned a lot by watching his blog.  I found the swirl of publicity, controversy, and high emotions surrounding him interesting to watch.  Talk about learning from a live case study.

I know Casey Serin will be back.  Whether or not it will be a true comeback will ultimately come down to the level of wisdom and maturity he gains.  He has an entrepreneurial drive that will not be squashed forever.  Not even by his family or wife.  Either he will learn to balance his priorities in life or he will ultimately leave his family and wife behind.  They do not have a chance of keeping him down forever.

Casey Serin may have shut down for now but he will be back.  And when he comes back, I suspect he will come back in a way quite different than how he left us.  Whether he comes back to entertain us some more or an overwhelming success, many of us will likely tune in once again…. if for the sheer curiousity of it all.

See you again, Casey.  You get my applause for putting on a heckuva show.

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