is Launched!

With the volume information that is now coming in from various sources around the Columbus GA area, I had to launch a dedicated website appropriately named  Interestingly, I did not come up with the word “scam”.  I avoided the word because I felt it was too “negative”.  But in light of a recent wave of new information and WTVM calling the story a “collection scam”, I thought it was appropriate.

All the content of Cobra Collection Information Page will be moved to

A new person, Jerry Bolt (with some strong feelings regarding this case), surfaced last night and contacted me by email with some startling and revealing information on this case.  I have also spoken to Jerry on the phone.  I can confidently say that based on Jerry’s information alone, the information content will double in size.  That necessitated the launch of the new website  However, I will not recklessly post the information without some degree of fact-checking and verification.

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