Verdict is In: Roy Pearson Loses, Custom Cleaners Win!

Roy Pearson VerdictOh yes!  The verdict is finally in.  There is still some sense of sanity in our country and the legal system.

Judge Bartnoff ruled in favor of the owners of Custom Cleaners sweeping aside Roy Pearson’s outrageous $54 million lawsuit filed against them over a pair of dress pants.

You can read the Findings & Conclusions of Law prepared by Judge Bartnoff here.

Essentially, she disputed Judge Pearson”s claim that a “satisfaction guaranteed” sign entitled unhappy customers to unlimited compensation.  She also wrote, “A reasonable consumer would not interpret ‘satisfaction guaranteed” to mean that a merchant is required to satisfy a customer”s unreasonable demands.”

One thing that I found odd is that there was no verbal reprimand by Judge Bartnoff.  Is it because she did not want to berate a fellow judge publicly?  She probably would have gotten cheers if she ad.  But, the ruling in itself says plenty.

You can find more news articles about the Roy Pearson vs. Custom Cleaners verdict by doing a Google search on “Roy Pearson verdict” and click the News section.

The Custom Cleaners Defense fund is

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