The Investors Roundtable Becomes Invitation-Only

After nearly 6 months of continuous training sessions twice a month, we have gotten to the stage where The Investors Roundtable will become “invitation only”.  The problem we have is there is no “start point” for any newcomers.  And so when newcomers sit in on a meeting, they are generally lost and coming in the middle of an ongoing education process.  And so, people who have visited us have been very short-lived.  The overall retention rate has been low as the group advances.

In any case, I tend to think things work out for the best because now that we are no longer accepting “drop ins” to our bi-weekly sessions, we will be evolving the format of The Investors Roundtable.  Our meetings will become private and we will be able to “roam” and not have a fixed meeting location as we have done in the past.

The Investors Roundtable was never designed to accommodate a large number of students or participants.  Its primary purpose was to find the “special people” who would rise to the top in commitment and dedication.  Our group has certainly been committed and now at the stage of acquiring their first investment properties.

When they do this, our level of conversation and discussion will continue to escalate to a point no beginner would ever keep up.

Phase II is coming to a conclusion in the Autumn and the members have been put on notice.  It comes down to performance now.  Everyone is in a position to intelligently acquire investment property and it is expected that everyone steps up.

Even Wes and I have made announcements to the group of what we intend to do in the months to come regarding our own real estate investing.  Those plans remain confidential to the public at this time until we are further down the path.

One day, beginners may be able to participate but I doubt it.  The Investors Roundtable was an experiment on many levels.  This format is limited to the very few.  Once Wes and I groom this group to an appropriate level, we will not likely take on another beginner group in this format for a long while, if ever.

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