Mini-Sabbatical from Publishing Business

After a 3-year run of writing and authoring 20 book and audio titles, I have decided to give myself a bit of a break from the publishing business.  It has become mentally tiring always “working on the next title” to the point I felt I was not as effective as I could be.  Also, the enjoyment of creating a title started to wane and feel more like a grind.

I don’t want my publishing endeavors to ever become a grind so I decided to simply give myself a mini-sabbatical the next 30-60 days to do nothing if I feel like it.  With the pressure lifted off of myself, I already feel better and beginning to mentally recharge.

With any luck, after the mini-sabbatical from publishing, I will be able to go back in mentally and spiritually refreshed to write and produce some new exciting titles.

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