Colorado Springs – 8 years later

Colorado Springs ViewI have been in Colorado Springs (COS) for a week now.  The last time I was here was October 1999 and so it is 8 years later to the month.  It has been a surreal experience being here.  Every day has been a discovery process.  When I am “home” in Columbus, I focus a lot on my business activities.  When I am not, I go into Atlanta to mingle and socialize or I indulge my introverted side such as watching DVD movies, PC gaming, or plain leisurely reading.

The story of why and how I came to “suddenly” decide moving to the West after spending most of my entire life in the Southeast will have to wait another day as that story is still unfolding and being written.  What I will say is that I have never considered Columbus “home” but it has become a very important place for me since the bulk of my real estate investments is there and that is where I launched Ascend Beyond Publishing, my publishing company.

What is signficant in the here and now is that I am planning on making more changes to my business and personal life.  As I shift, it is my intention to maintain my credibility and move it forward into new projects.

My core team and support system in Columbus is strong and optimistic.  They are supportive of Matthew getting a little “wild, crazy, and unpredictable”.  I think I have earned that right over the years.  It has been helpful that I have opened up to share my thoughts and plans to them.

I believe I have made some decisions as it relates to how I will live and do business in Colorado Springs while maintaining my corporate home base in Columbus.  But I am not ready to announce the specifics just yet.  And I may not do so in the near future as almost everything I am doing is a “work in progress”.

I am scheduled to stay another week but I may extend it to a 3rd week.  I will know better come next Monday.

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