has been Retired

In moving forward, I have “retired” the scam-busting website,  While the site has been “retired”, it will not be deactivated or shutdown.  “Retired” simply means no effort, attention, energy, or thought will go into that website and the situation it reported on.

There is lot of negativity related to that site that is no longer relevent or pertinent to me.  And since it was a volunteer “public service” project in the first place, I have decided I have done more than my part.  The ultimate resolution of that situation will be in the hands of the Columbus Police Department and the follow-through of the plaintiffs.

It was an accidental project that had its purpose earlier this year.  Now it’s time is at an end.  If an arrest or prosecution is made by law enforcement, then I will revisit updating the site.  For now, there is nothing more to be done.

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