Back Into The Studio to Update Professional Photos

It has been nearly 3 years since my business partner, Wes Weaver, and I last updated our professional photos.

Given our upcoming business plans and website changes, we thought it was time we updated our photos to reflect our most current “image”.  The fact of the matter is we have both “aged” and “evolved” noticeably in the last 3 years.

It is always a bit comical and disconcerting when people tell you that you don’t look like the photos you took years earlier especially ones that were touched up.  So, we are going back into a photo studio in Atlanta to get some fresh new professional shots of ourselves.

We hope we don’t “age” quite as dramatically in the years to come.  I wouldn’t put any money on this one but with any luck, the new photos will last us the next 5 years!

These photos will be used in our marketing and promotional materials as well as our websites and published products.

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