Back to Columbus GA from Colorado Springs – Oct 2007

Wow, what a whirlwind two-week stay in Colorado Springs.  In some ways, it went by so quickly.  In other ways, it seemed longer where I felt I “lived a lot of life” during those two weeks.

I had time to re-evaluate things, get a different perspective, and stretch myself personally by spending an extended time with all-new people who have only recently come into my life. 

What I had intended for that trip was a “magical and life-changing” experience.  It has been only a couple of days since I have gotten back.  And so the full effects and impact of what happened during those two weeks have not fully settled yet.

Staying solo in a cabin up in the hills was really a great experience.  In fact, I want to do it again.  Getting away from what you normally do truly gives a person a different outlook in life and a shift of priorities.

Some distinctions I made are:  there is a difference between being motivated vs. being inspired.  Some “resolved” issues are not resolved as I thought.  Things I were certain about are now not so certain.

As an entrepreneur who have created a lot of personal freedom for myself, I realized how many people remained confined or trapped where they are at.  I must admit I have a greater appreciation of my position.  However, I also realized how easily I could become a slug and lose momentum in life.

And so, I am both happy and relieved to be back in Columbus to reflect.  Ultimately, I will fly back out to Colorado Springs to continue the journey I began a few weeks ago to build an all-new community for myself.  For me to make a stand and take a stronger position in Colorado Springs, it will involve me being open to the huge opportunities of meeting new people that will appear when I get there.

I am looking forward to visiting Colorado Springs again next month at the end of November.

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