Arriving into Colorado Springs II – November 2007

Yesterday, I arrived into the cabin I am renting in Colorado Springs. This is my 2nd visit to Colorado Springs this year. I flew into Denver, rented a car, and drove in. It was a pleasant drive but I paid the most expensive set of tolls I have seen ($6.00 for a 20 mile stretch from Denver Aiport to I-25).

It is a new trip and it feels great having a safe “established home” away from Columbus. It still boggles my mind that a little that less than 24 hours ago, I was living in a totally different environment than now. The contrast is quite significant.

Traveling is exhausting for me especially when I have to get up very early to catch a flight. Catching naps on a plane isn’t always sufficient. Anyhow, it would be nearly two hours later before I realized I lost one of my bags. I was distracted by an unexpected phone call from a business acquaintance who was asking for suggestions on how to sell her house more quickly because her husband had to leave in Jan. 2008.

In the conversation, I asked where they were going to relocate to. And guess where they are relocating to? Yup! Colorado Springs! And so, I told her that I would likely be here when they relocated. We both agreed it would be nice to have a familiar face.

After that phone call with my zombie-like presence, I totally forgot about my 2nd baggage and just registered for my rental car and drove off.

I am mostly settled in right now but need to set up my office/work area. As I write this, I just got my missing baggage which had several business books I brought, not to mention my sweatshirt and sweatpants I need to survive the freezing temperatures up in elevated altitude of my cabin. Plenty of snow and ice starting to accumulate outside the yard and driveway!

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