Revealing My Political Views

Political Yin-YangI have resisted making public comments about my political views and opinions because I am not one that likes to “mix it up” with endless debates with people who are fundamentally opposed to what I believe. Everyone has their own sensibilities and I tend to believe if you cannot agree, you have to settle for getting along by agreeing to disagree.

Having this blog with an increasing readership has emboldened me to make some of my political views known. First off, my traditional sensibilities has leaned towards the Republicans. Being both an entrepreneur and investor, it is obvious I pay attention, follow, and study economic issues. And so, I tend to believe in smaller government, lower taxes, and letting the marketplace do its job. However, the extreme conservatism and many of the social views the Republicans represent make me cringe. I am often torn by my economic and social sensibilities.

Being a publisher and author as well as being an entrepreneur and investor has forced me outwards and to be more aware of world affairs. Many people are are consumed with their lives where their jobs, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, or Lindsay Lohan are the most important issues on their mind. I have the good fortune of being able to have the time and means to think way beyond the scope those people think about.

I have a growing belief the the political process is important and will become more important as the years pass. It is more important because accessibility to political candidates and sharing personal views is greater than it has been in years past thanks to the Internet.

And so, with the 2008 Presidential election process fast coming, I have decided to jump into the shallow end of the pool. I may brave the deep end at some later date.

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