Happy New Year – 2008 Blog Editorial Shift

Happy New YearAs we have crossed the New Year into 2008, I have been pondering the future direction of this blog. Week after week, I write posts about an assortment of subjects but most pertain to my business projects and business interests. Occasionally, I will write an editorial or commentary on subjects I think are relevant.

Overall, the purpose of this blog is to provide a degree of business transparency into what I am involved with and what I believe is in important. I think for any “unknown person” (such as myself) to survive and thrive business-wise on the Internet, you have to demonstrate credibility. If someone is going to invest money with or buy products from an “unknown person”, they have to know something about the person or company they are buying from. And so, my readers get to see what projects are being worked on and they get to hear what works and what doesn’t.

However, I wonder if it is too boring or plain. I have been reading Seth Godin’s books over the years but paying more attention to them lately in light of the major changes happening in the world and adjustments I am making in my business. Seth encourages entrepreneurs to push the edge. The risks are higher working at the edge, but the rewards are also greater.

I have to admit, I do not have much clarity as to how I can make this blog become explosive but I do know I cannot keep the status quo. Something has to change to make a big difference.

In that spirit, starting today, I will be taking more risks as to what and how I post messages on this blog. There may be more “nonsensical” stuff that gets posted. There will be more spontaneity. Having viewed my website statistics over the past few months, I have discovered I get traffic from unexpected subjects and topics I occasionally talk about.

Essentially, I have my base of core readers who seem to have a curiosity of what I do and the projects I work on. But I also get a whole bunch of traffic from people who are looking for opinions and commentary on subjects that have nothing to do with me or what I do. I am simply another blogger offering their view.

It’s funny. When I started this blog over 2.5 years ago, I did it as an experiment. I also did it to support my other business projects. But in mid-November 2007 at the 2007 NAR Convention, I realized that I was also a full-fledged blogger with a small but ever-growing, ever-changing audience.

As a blogger, it is my duty to not just report factual information. I should be bold enough to offer more editorials and commentary even at the risk of upsetting some people. I should be willing to entertain a little and be trivial. Not everything has to be “important”.  Not everything has to be “an article”.  Micro-posts are allowed.  Boring definitely has to stop.

So, be prepared. I am going to take some risks with this blog and my reputation. Playing it safe is too boring and too slow. It is time to “supercharge” this blog and branch out further and see what shows up. Google continues to regularly monitor this blog and so by writing more expansively on a wider degree of subjects, let’s see what my web statistics tell me in the next 2-3 months.

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