My Choices for the 2008 Iowa Caucuses

Iowa CaucusIf I was in Iowa (which I am obviously not), these are the ways I would go.

In the Republican camp, it is a no-brainer. I would have to go with John McCain. Both Huckabee and Romney are out. If they were to win, I will sooner choose a Democratic candidate than Huckabee and Romney. Yes, it is a strong statement but that is an indication how much I am against seeing Huckabee or Romney in the high office.

In the Democratic camp, this one is very, very tough. I think I will have to choose John Edwards over Barack Obama by a very thin razor. I don’t hate Hillary but I think she is too entrenched and part of the “old school”. I want to see an “outsider” given a shot. However, I would rather see Hillary win the Presidency over Huckabee or Romney.

Those are my positions for now until some of the candidates start conceding their run for the Presidency.

Let’s see how Iowa votes! It will be exciting to find out the results.

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