Aftermath of the 2008 Iowa Caucuses

Iowa CaucusI have to admit I was quite surprised at some of the results.

The biggest surprise for me was that Obama won by such a wide margin in a state like Iowa. Not only did Obama win by a huge margin, Hillary came in 3rd place. Wow. Obama is really going to be a force to reckon with. It is very difficult for me not to be inspired him. I really like what he represents. Edwards came in 2nd again. I am wondering if he would be willing to be VP to Obama.  It looks like it will be a tough fight for Edwards to stay in.  It might be that the best he can hope for is become VP to Obama like he did 4 years earlier for John Kerry.  That would really be something if that happened.

I was also a bit surprised how well Mike Huckabee did. But the good news is that Romney was put in is place. All the money in his warchest didn’t mean jack for him. As the leading Republican hypocrite, Romney really needs to get knocked aside so that McCain can gain some momentum. I was very disappointed that McCain did so poorly.

New Hampshire will be fun to watch in a few days. I want to see what unfolds in the next few days before I put in my 2 cents.

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