My View on the 2008 New Hampshire Primaries

New Hampshire PrimaryI haven’t been too productive today. One of those reasons is my flipping through the 3 national news channels: CNN, FoxNews, and MSNBC. I have been following the New Hampshire Primaries like I have never done before.

It has been a great show. On the Democratic side, Hillary had a touching emotional moment. Either she has gotten worn down or it was just a moment of weakness. It was interesting to see that side of her. I didn’t see much of John Edwards but he is going all out as the self-appointed underdog. And the rock star named Obama? Damn, people are inspired by him. And I cannot say I am immune. I was inspired since I first heard him speak in 2004 on the televised Democratic National Convention.

On the Republican side, Romney continues to offend my sensibilities. That is all I have to say about him. I am rooting for McCain on the Republican side. When I hear him speak, he really is very wise. I just wish he didn’t look so old. It makes me feel like he won’t last long enough to make a difference even if he were elected. I am not trying to be insulting but it is how I feel. With Giuliani, I like how he took accountability for his past and admits that he is not perfect on the GOP NH Forum.

On the Democratic side, although I would still like to see John Edwards come out on top, it looks like Obama will win. It seems like he is now a rock star. How can anyone compete with someone who has become a political rock star? Hillary will likely come in at a close 2nd to Obama. Unless she has ticked off a ton of voters in the last few days, Hillary is still a force to be reckoned with.

On the Republican side, I think McCain will win, thank goodness. But Romney will likely come in at a close second. Ugh, that means he will continue on and I have to listen to him yak more. Huckabee is a great talker and will come in 3rd.

I am looking forward to the results tomorrow night.

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