Waiting for “The Political Machine 2008”

The Political Machine 2004I have to admit I am getting addicted to the 2008 Presidential Election process. Part of the reason, I suppose, is that I am older and more aware of the issues. I have a greater sense of the ongoings of the world beyond my own personal life.

The other reason I am interested is because of a little PC game I discovered in 2004, The Political Machine, produced by Stardock. I remembered walking through a Wal-Mart and saw a PC game box cover that had a head-to-head caricature of John Kerry and George W. Bush. I also remembered that game being relatively inexpensive at $20, half the price of most commercial PC games.

The Political Machine game box had a certain charm to it. It claimed to simulate the Presidential election process using a cartoon-like interface. I figured, “what the heck”, it was only $20 and I could probably stand to learn a bit more about the presidential election process and have a little fun on the way.

In that game, I played a variety of presidential candidates such as Al Gore, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton, and many more. I have to say, I was hooked. The game was simple, fun, and educational. I actually learned so much that I knew which states had the most Electoral votes as was most crucial in winning the election.

I found myself spending money, fighting for, and campaigning the larger states and other important battleground states much like they do in real life. Depending on whether I played a Democratic or Republican candidate, my strategy would change to favor certain states. I had no idea that a $20 game could be so addictive.

In any case, I am looking forward to the update, The Political Machine 2008. If the first version is any indication, the release date of Political Machine 2008 will likely be released sometime late Summer sometime around the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

There is a fan base who are really trying to find out the latest update and status of Political Machine 2008. Stardock is not talking. I am guessing they are incorporating the real-life elements and situations into the game. And so, Stardock developers have to watch the 2008 election process unfold like the rest of us so they can make the game more true to life.

The 2004 version of Political Machine contained many interesting real-life elements developments in the game. And so, I am guessing Stardock will do a similar thing.

When Stardock releases The Political Machine 2008, I am definitely going to get my copy.

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