Aftermath of the 2008 New Hampshire Primaries

New Hampshire PrimaryWow, it was another exciting night watching the numbers come in for the 2008 New Hampshire Primaries.

I was very happy to see McCain come out on top by a significant margin on the Republican side. Romney keeps trying to buy the election and he shifts his talk every time the wind shifts. I don’t know how long I have to wait before he drops out. Mike Huckabee is still in the fight and it will be interesting to see how he performs in South Carolina.

On the Democratic side…

Although I thought the media underestimated Hillary by predicting a huge loss, I was also incorrect in thinking that Obama would win by a small margin. It turns out Hillary won by a small margin. I fell into the media trap thinking that Obama popularity meant winning votes. That is not always the case as New Hampshire has shown.

John Edwards had a tough fight. I was hoping he would do a little better but he is clearly struggling. If he does not turn around on some of the Southern states, he is going to be out. With Obama in the race, he will end up as a Presidential or Vice-Presidential nominee. It would be stupid for the Democrats to ignore Obama even if he did not win the Democratic nomination.

My attention will turn to Michigan and South Carolina next.

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