“The Political Machine 2008” Due Out in June 2008

In an earlier post, I mentioned how much of a fan I was of the “The Political Machine” PC game released in 2004. It was a relatively simple but very fun simulation game that allows you to become a campaign manager and compete to win a U.S. Presidential election.

Stardock Entertainment made the formal announcement and provided details on March 26, 2008 of the upcoming updated and revised follow-up version, “The Political Machine 2008”. It is scheduled to be released in June 2008 and priced very reasonably at $19.95.

I have followed the 2008 Primaries and have found the events of this election year to be interesting and exciting which only enhances my interest in the the upcoming game.

Read the official announcement by Stardock Entertainment.

More information on “The Political Machine 2008” can be found at http://politicalmachine.com .

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