Back to Colorado Springs – 2nd quarter 2008

I arrived into Colorado Springs earlier today for my 2nd visit this year.

Having had to deal with various business issues in Columbus GA since early January, I delayed my return to Colorado Springs a couple of months. Many of the plans I outlined for myself for Colorado Springs last year have been canceled or significantly scaled back. Essentially, my business obligations and responsibilities in Columbus GA does not easily let me relocate or expand into Colorado Springs at this time.

However, having established some relationships and a semblance of a home away from home, I will still come back for at least quarterly visits to work on my publishing projects and brainstorm. That is one reason I have come back. To preserve the relationship and small sense of community I have created thus far.

Because I arrived today, I am feeling pretty tired. Tomorrow, after I get some good rest, I will have a better feel of what I will accomplish during this trip.

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