Congrats to Wes Weaver on Real Estate Broker Status

Wes WeaverI have a congratulatory announcement to make regarding my real estate business partner, Wes Weaver. Last week, Wes passed his exam and attained his license as a Full-fledged Real Estate Broker. For the three years prior, he was a real estate agent. For two years prior, he was both a real estate investor and property manager.

Becoming a real estate broker, Wes elevates his professional status, knowledge, and experience to a higher level. I am happy to say that we remain good business partners to this day and I am excited to see what he will do as takes his business career and business to a new level with a real estate brokerage company.

Wes and I have had private meetings and brainstorm sessions regarding which direction he should go. I am his advisor but ultimately he will be running this new ship his way.

Wes has chosen to maintain his relationship with me on “The TurnKey Investor” educational series but I suspect he will one day launch his own “Real Estate Agent” educational series on the publishing side.

Again, congratulations to my friend and business partner, Wes Weaver, on his new found achievement and status.

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