First Draft of “TurnKey Investor’s Deadly Sins of Real Estate Investing” Book Completed

The first draft of the upcoming book “The TurnKey Investor’s Deadly Sins of Real Estate Investing” has been completed. Because the audio program of the same name was first recorded in 2006, a new book based on that audio recording will be adapted into print book format. Additionally, it will be updated with 2008 content.

This audio program was chosen to be converted into book format because of its popularity in sales, not to mention its timely relevance. This book is expected to be less than 100 pages, very readable, and approachable even to beginning investors.

I believe this book will become more important in the years to come for any investor looking to get back into real estate investing during these tumultuous times. Many of the things I discussed in the original 2006 program have, in fact, become reality in 2008.

People who listened and followed the advice given in the original 2006 program probably fared much better than people who did not.

Because there are multiple publishing projects in the pipeline, a definitive release date has not yet been set except that it should be released later in 2008! I will have more news in the weeks to come.

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