MySpace and FaceBook: I Don’t “Get It”

I am going to deviate a bit from what I normally write about…

Recently, I came to the conclusion that no matter how smart I get or how much I learn, there are going to be some things I will have to resign myself to “not getting” in this world. “Getting” meaning I cannot comprehend or make sense of it in my mind why people spend so much time and energy on.

Am I alone and in the minority when I say, I just don’t freaking get “MySpace” and “Facebook”?

Maybe I am just getting too old. I can create and launch websites. I can assemble and configure entire computer networks. I can do some light programming. I consider myself a Power User of computers, networks, and technology, in general. I love the Internet and use Instant Messaging, email, and upload/download all kinds of files. But why don’t I “get” MySpace and Facebook?

I have gone to the trouble of setting up a MySpace and Facebook page. I have gone through the motions of setting up half-way respectable personal pages. And there it sits and continues to sit, month after month.

I know I can reach out to others and “make more friends” or create a community. Is the reason why I don’t truly understand the benefits of Facebook and MySpace is because it is meant for the Millenial Generation? If so, the I will concede.

Personally, I think Facebook and MySpace has little practical application except for the fact that perhaps the Millenial Generation use it. But outside of that, what does it do for you aside from serving as a Personal Home Page? Is that what the big deal is? That the Millennial Generation so desperately want to connect with one another and show off all aspects of their embarrassing personal lives to the world? Perhaps they are places to indulge their exhibitionistic tendencies.

I have to tell you, the things people put up for the public to see is embarrassing and will carry some negative consequences if those individuals ever amount to anything in life. The fact that so many of those people don’t realize it shows their naivety.

One day maybe someone will teach me and show me the light regarding MySpace and Facebook. Aside from a few minutes of interesting diversion in looking up some people and learning about their personal lives, what is the big deal?

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