The Sims: I Don’t “Get It”

Moving on to my 2nd post in the “I Don’t Get It” series is “The Sims”.

The Sims is a PC-based game published Electronic Arts. I have been told that the game franchise has sold 100 million units! This does not include the tens perhaps even hundreds of thousands of pirated copies that are in circulation. What a staggering number for a PC game.

I have watched as this game was first launched back in 2000 and one add-on/expansion pack/upgrade came out one after another. From what I can see, the whole idea is to create a fictional character that you will nurture through its online life. The thing here is that the environment you play this character in is based in normal, every day life.

I am thinking to myself “WTF?” Let me get this straight. Most of us live in the “real world” living an “average life”. And so to have fun, what do you do? Go create an alternative character so that you can play or guide them through their “average life”? Huh? I don’t need a game to live an average life. I am doing fine just now!

I could be wrong, but from what I have seen or been told, there are all kinds of restrictions on the character. You have to make money, go to the bathroom, sleep, and all the un-fun parts of life to support your digital character. Granted, it is not happening in real-time (accelerated or skip-over portions).

Maybe if I am extremely bored and I run into an inexpensive copy of The Sims, I may load it up just to see if I will eventually “get it”. For now, call me an idiot because the folks at Electronic Arts are making a fortune publishing The Sims game series.

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