“My Personal Story” Written for Real Estate Portfolio-Building Workshop Promo

With every project I work on, I try to share and tie my “my personal story” into the project I do.  I believe it gives personal relevance and credibility to the project if I put my personal reputation on the line.  With most projects I work on, it is not just “a job” I do.  There is often a very personal reason I get involved or promote something.

To help promote “The 2008 TurnKey Investor’s Real Estate Portfolio-Building Workshop”, I felt I had to share and disclose more personal information about myself and background than I have every published before.  Like layers of an onion, this project forced me to peel another layer away.

I have to say it felt quite uncomfortable writing that piece but it had to be done.  You can read “My Personal Story” as it relates to the upcoming workshop in October.  Enjoy.

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