Dealing with a Personal Tropical Storm

I admit it.  I am posting an update because I feel like I needed to do one.

Normally, I am pretty open about what is going on but there is a swirl of things happening I prefer not to talk about right now.  It is sort of like dealing with a tropical storm.  While you are in the midst of it, you tend to focus on getting through it.  It can either die down or grow into a hurricane.  It is only after the entire event has moved on, you can take a breather and reflect on what happened.

So, I am going through a personal tropical storm consisting of a whole bunch of nagging, negative things to deal with.  It has consumed a lot of my energy.  But it has not been so bad that I cannot take an occasional breather.

There are some exciting announcements I want to make but because I am so far off schedule, I prefer to save the announcement until they come closer to fruition.

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