Trying to Catch My Breath Over National News

There has been a lot going on with the national stage.

The John Edwards scandal.  Disappointed that Edwards didn’t confess all the way.

Obama selected Biden.  Great choice.

Both Bill & Hillary Clinton made some great speeches.

Democratic National Convention on the final night at a stadium with fireworks was pretty spectacular.

McCain selected Pallin.  That was a wowzer and caught me entirely by surprise.  She appears too extreme for me.  I might have to run the opposite way.

Pallin’s 17-year old daughter being pregnant.  So much for Pallin’s belief that abstinence programs work.  Not.  And her daughter will get married.  I sure would like to see how long a marriage by a 17-year old “forced” into it will last.

Hurricane Gustav has brought back memories of Katrina.  And of course, gas prices creep up again.

Real estate market remains crappy.  And lenders are cutting back.  It is going to be tough for another couple of years.  2009 will be another downer year it looks like.  Maybe the new president can excite us out of recession.  Maybe not.

I still do not know who I want to vote for.  It is very tough decision.  But I am in Georgia.  My vote may not count much since chances are Georgians will flock to McCain and Pallin.

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