Less than 3 Weeks to Go – Still Undecided on McCain or Obama

I hate this. I am usually pretty good at making decisions for myself.  You pick a direction and go.

This whole decision to figure out if I want Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin has got me in a quandary. I keep going back and forth but not sure what weighs on me more.

Frankly, I like John McCain and his record. He isn’t perfect but he is experienced and seen a lot in his years. But the thing that concerns me is that if anything happens to him with his advanced age, Sarah Palin just doesn’t do it for me especially when compared to Joe Biden as the competing VP.

I like what Barack Obama represents but there are still things that nag me about him. His lack of experience and I am not convinced he can deliver on all his promises.

I guess I will be like everyone else and just keep listening to the two camps compete. I will have to make a choice in less than 3 weeks. It looks to be a tough one for me.

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