My Concern for Apple CEO, Steve Jobs

I have read the “official” news releases regarding the medical status of Steve Jobs, Apple CEO.

It could be said that I may be reading more into the news releases than is actually there but pictures do not lie.

Steve Jobs looks terrible. Whatever he is going through is pretty serious. Despite Steve’s personality quirks, he has been a major influence in changing our culture and improving the quality of life.

I hate to say it and I absolutely want to be WRONG. But if recent photos of Steve Jobs is any indication, Steve may not be with us for very long.

It may not be politically correct to state this publicly but too many times we say nice things only after someone passes away.

This small blog post may be one of the few that is willing to acknowledge that Steve’s time may be very short. But I am hoping that a Higher Power will step in so that we can all continue to be inspired by Steve Job’s ongoing contributions to the world.

For me, Steve Jobs is a business hero who I have admired for many years. His blend of technological and creative genius is something I have strived to attain.

If he does pass on, I will be deeply saddened. If he does stay with us, you can believe I will be following his work more closely.

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