President Barack Obama: The Beginning of a New Era

I have to say I was extremely reflective watching all the events of Inauguration Day for President Barack Obama. He carried himself with an incredible amount of calm, class, and poise.

I wasn’t particularly fond of President Bush but I did respect his ability to hold to his convictions even when most people did not support what he was doing.  However, I will give him credit for keeping the U.S. safe for the remainder of his term.  It is not a coincidence that there have been no more terrorist attacks.  I believe President Bush’s aggressive measures (even if you disagree with them) did the job.

I have persistently said since last year that we are living through history in the making. We, as a people, are going through so much turmoil and changes.

Yesterday marked the beginning of a new era.  There is an incredible amount of optimism for our new President despite the fact the U.S. is in its worst condition for decades.  I believe that President Obama will bring change because he is so charismatic, likable, and well-spoken.

Ultimately, I believe that things happen for a reason and it will work out for the best but like President Obama said, we all have to do our part and we all have some responsibility in it.

And so, I intend to do my part in making this country a better place through my business projects.

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