Breaking in the Blackberry Pearl 8220 Flip Phone

Blackberry-Pearl-Flip-8220It has been over a month since I upgraded my “old” Samsung cell phone to the Blackberry Pearl 8220 Flip Phone.  I wanted to give the phone a good workout before I posted any comments.  I have literally waited years for this type of phone to come out.

For years, I have been looking for an “affordable” flip phone that I could synchronize my Microsoft Outlook information with my PC.  I also wanted a phone that I could install a memory card to store extra files and a built-in MP3 player to play music or audio recordings I might want to listen to.

The fact that this phone also has built-in Wi-Fi connection is a nice bonus.  I can actually get quite a few extra minutes out of my phone per month by simply using the Wi-Fi connection.  The sound quality is pretty good and I don’t even notice the difference from being on the T-Mobile network.

The phone actually has a lot more goodies like being able to read Microsoft Word and Excel files and play video files.  There is a built-in calculator, stop watch, alarm clock, and all kinds of sound effects to choose from.

Currently, I don’t have the Blackberry service activated to receive emails and I am not sure I want to.  I love technology but I am not sure I want to be THAT connected just yet.

My one small gripe is mostly a cosmetic one.  I wish the edges of the flip screen side had more of a curve on its edge.  It is a bit too “sharp” for my tastes.  No, it won’t cut you if you slide your finger on the edges but I was used to my prior phone which was small, compact, and slid in and out of my pocket really well.

Overall, the Blackberry Pearl 8220 Flip phone is a real winner and a keeper.

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