Launched for Local Landlords

This article was first posted on The TurnKey Investor’s Blog.


Because of my dissatisfaction of how the Columbus GA Housing Authority manages and conducts itself and its apparent lack of customer service accountability, I have taken the step to launch to assist and provide information and editorials to local landlords in navigating the Section 8 Housing Voucher Program with the Columbus GA Housing Authority. will give “street information” as to how they actually work, not the “official” public line they tell people. They always seem to have excuses as to why they fall short in their customer service performance but they have no problems holding anyone else accountable.

My business partner and I continue to work with them and have several rental homes under the Section 8 Housing Voucher Program but our complaints have largely gone ignored. However, that may change when they find out (through that more landlords are dissatisfied with their customer service to landlords. It may also require escalation to higher levels of the HUD Agency to get some attention.

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