My Facebook Rules

I understand that every individual gets to choose how they want to participate in social network whether you use Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or some other application.

There are many people who want to “collect” people.  In other words, they want to gather as many “friends” as they can.

It took me a while to warm up to Facebook but I have to admit I have grown to like it on a limited basis.  It is an easy, non-intrusive way to keep up with your friends and have your friends keep up with you.

But there is a lot of talk about using social networking for business purposes.  I don’t have a problem with that except when someone under the guise of a “friend” starts spamming you with their marketing and advertisement messages.  I have no problems with the occasional business announcement but I have a real problem with a steady stream of “come look at this new product I am selling” or “drop by so I can serve you” type of messages.

I finally got tired of the offenders who I happen to be friendly with and quietly deleted them.  I don’t need to hurt their feelings and make a big fuss about it but I refuse to have my private Internet space invaded with such shenanigans.

The way to do business on Facebook is to be clear that the account is for business purposes, not “stay in touch” personal purposes.  But you don’t suck people in under the guise of a personal friend, then suddenly, get all these marketing and advertising messages I never asked for.

Quite frankly, I am a bit skeptical of users who have over 100 friends.  In my view, they fall into the “friendly acquaintances” category.

I also started deleting those “friends” who really could care less about me and what I do.  They simply know me and have a passing curiosity of what I do but that is it.  That is why I don’t generally have anyone from high school or anyone else I have not been in contact with for many years.  There may be a couple of special exceptions but they are few.

I also don’t add to my friends list anyone who might have questionable content that I am not comfortable associating with.  I believe that your reputation can be tainted by the people you associate with.

There are some who use some kooky pictures or graphics in lieu of their personal photo.  I don’t mind a bit of creativity, flair, and style but some put up something that has nothing to do with their personal appearance.  Again, when someone views my friends, and they don’t have the confidence or good sense to use some semblance of their own photo to identify themselves, I figure why should they see all of my personal photos and information.  It is plain goofy to me and I have quietly deleted or ignored those requests.

The contents of my Facebook account is an extension of my private life that I have chosen to share with a few people and I am going to keep it that way.  Quite a few people have wanted to add me to their friends list, and I think about it awhile.  Some I ignore right off.  I have no desire to have any Facebook connection to them.  Some I leave in limbo to consider at a future date.

A lot of people seem to have issues about offending others so they just add them to the list.  Fortunately, I have no such issue.  I know where I stand and how I want to use Facebook.  Some are allowed or invited in but many are not.

For me, it is about the quality experience, not the quantity.  There is also a certain amount of mutual respect and decorum that needs to happen online just as if we are in the same room with one another.  For me, I don’t just don’t want to see goofy, adolescent antics on Facebook.

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