My Upcoming Health Care Letter to President Barack Obama

The health care reform issue is so hot right now, it affects everyone. Like most Americans, I am deeply concerned with where health care in the U.S. is headed.

Right now, I consider myself among the fortunate few where I continue to be healthy according to my annual physical exams. I also appear to be currently well insured under the Blue Cross Blue Shield medical plan I pay for each month.

However, I am under no false illusions that all this can change very quickly if I have the misfortune to develop a serious illness or disease in the future.  I am a healthy individual now with good insurance coverage and I do not like what I see when I go into doctor’s offices now.  If I actually became much more needy, I am not entirely confident that I would be satisfied or well served within our existing system.

I have decided I need to do my part and give my input on how to reign in escalating health care costs.  I shouldn’t complain unless I am willing to do something about it, right?

I have completed my first draft of my letter to President Obama.  However, I need to re-read and reflect on what I have written before I release and send it. When it is completed, I will also copy this letter to Vice-President Joe Biden, GA Senators Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson, and GA Congressmen Sanford Bishop Jr. and Lynn Westmoreland.

I am mulling over the possibility of contacting the news media regarding my upcoming, open letter to President Obama regarding the health care issue.

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