First Impressions: TubeMogul Service Starts at $500

Before I even contacted TubeMogul (a video distribution web service), I suspected that I would be in for sticker-shock.  It is always a bad sign when a company offers a free service but then list no prices for the upgraded versions.  It is sort of like buying a car with no sticker price.  It does not give me a good sense of security.  I searched the Internet for the prices but most of the people posted spouted the TubeMogul party line that they have a free version.

However, the free version means very little beyond using it for testing purposes.  Why bother getting invested with a service (no matter what the features are) if they are going to blow the budget?

While 100 video deployments per month sounds impressive, one video to the top 10 video sites will use up 10% of your quota.  And if you happen to screw up along the way, which is entirely likely, that will chisel away at the monthly quota.  Basically, you can expect to distribute around 9 videos per month at best.

To be fair, their sample free service seems to be pretty good.  I was pleased with it.  Otherwise, I would not have even bothered to ask for the price for the upgraded versions.  Also, TubeMogul has the right to focus in on any market that they choose.  Personally, I think they have cut a large slice of potential customers out simply because of the $500 entry barrier.

The will argue the entry barrier is $0 but I didn’t just fall of the turnip truck yesterday.  Yes, you can try it out for free and get some minimal use but the true entry point is $500.  You should keep that in mind.

Personally, I am looking into other options (which there are). has a “pay as you use” model which is interesting but that might get tricky depending on how the math works out.  I am not going to even mention the others until I try it myself.

I know a LOT of people who are willing to pay but most are not going to shell out $500/month for this service.  They will brag about the analytics but that is secondary to me to the time savings.

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